2018                      Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) from the Australian National University (ANU)

2015                       Bachelor of Arts from the ANU


Group Exhibitions

2018                      Renaissance, The Hamlet, ACT, Australia

2017                      City of Design: Craft ACT Member's Exhibition, Craft ACT, ACT, Australia

2017                      Hub Space, You Are Here Festival, ACT, Australia

2017                      Herstory, Smith's Alternative, ACT, Australia 

2016                      Appliance, New Acton Display Space, ACT, Australia

2016                      Divergence, Form Gallery, NSW, Australia

2015                      Interrestrial: interactive ceramics, Nishi Gallery, ACT, Australia

2015                      Emerging Artist Support Scheme, Watson Arts Centre, ACT, Australia

2014                      Graduate Exhibition, ANU School of Art, ACT, Australia

2014                      Environmental Art, Students of Sustainability Conference, ACT, Australia



2014                       Boronia Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS) Award

2014                       Canberra Potter’s Society Exhibition EASS Award

2014                       Canberra Potter’s Society Residency EASS Award

2014                       Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society EASS Award

2009                      National Gallery of Australia Summer Scholarship


Art Related Employment and Volunteering

2017 ongoing      Technical Assistant, Arts Faculty, Dickson College, ACT Public Service, Australia

2013 ongoing      Art Educator, Aeoncademy, ACT, Australia

2008-2016            Workshop Assistant, Teffany Thiedeman, ACT, Australia

2014                       Volunteer Schools and Public Programs, Stepping Up: 2015 Australian Ceramic Triennale, ACT, Australia

2014                       Art Department, Blood & Mortar, feature film, ACT, Australia

2013                       Artist and Facilitator, Canberra Centenary Children’s festival, ACT, Australia

2013                       Guest Artist at The Village in Glebe Park, ACT, Australia



2017                       Municipal Animal, interactive exhibition and performance, ACT, Australia

2013                       Aberrant Lodge, art and performance event, ACT, Australia

2013                       Dark Star Fire, art and performance event, ACT, Australia



2015                       Emerging Artist Support Scheme Artist in Residence, Canberra Potter’s Society, ACT, Australia

2015                       Graduate in Residence, ANU Ceramics Department, ACT, Australia

2013                       Guest artist, Awaken the Dragon Ceramics Festival, Singapore 


Commissions & Collected works

2014 ongoing       Work in collections in the ACT and interstate

2016                        Studied Flesh VI, Private sculpture commission from Anthony Withers

2014                        Turkish Oven, Private commission from Lachlan McOmish